Heritage, Pastured Pork for Restaurants

Serve great Pork

HB Slakter provides our fantastic pasture-raised pork to restaurants and other professional culinary organizations across the U.S.

Great Pork for Great Chefs

Chefs and other restaurant procurement specialists appreciate the taste, tenderness, and balance of elements present in our pork. It has an overall quality that is hard to match with even high-end commercial options and should be a catalyst for additional pork dish requests and memorable positive reviews.

Beyond the quality, tenderness and taste of our pasture-raised pork, our chefs love working with us because they can offer pork that has a heart-warming story while supporting small, American farms. Our pork comes straight from our farm; an authentic, midwest, small family farm where traditional, heritage breeds and natural environments are standard.

As recipe compliments come in, you can offer details of the unique care and effort that goes into raising heritage breeds of pigs that produce such a delicious result. You can mention the spring-fed water source, the wild fruits and forage, and the natural pasture environments these pigs are raised in from brith. It’s not spin – you’ll be offering tradition, taste, tenderness and natural nutrition in every bite of pork that most have never experienced. You’ll be able to deliver a story with your dish – and it’s sure to create more fans of your business.

HB Slakter makes every effort to be business-friendly. We can butcher to order and provide our restaurant clients the packages and quantities that they need.

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