Pigs Never Had It…

So Good!

It’s true, if pigs had a dream environment to be raised in, HB Slakter’s pastures would probably be it. 

Living their best life!

Our heritage breed pigs are born and raised in the green fields and pastures here in Ixonia, WI. We feel pigs do best when they are born and raised with their moms and fellow brother and sisters and when they’re allowed to explore and roam the way pigs were meant to.

Pigs are omnivores. Yes they eat pasture grasses but they do even better when they’re allowed to dig their snouts in the earth and root out grubs, bugs, roots, nuts and more. They also love fresh fruits and nuts that fall from trees or grow on bushes. Unfortunately for most pigs, the commercial farms they’re raised in don’t have any of these natural environments. Instead they’re giving a concrete floor and feces and crammed into a tiny space with many, many other pigs, not a healthy or happy place to grow up.

HB Slakter’s pigs, on the other hand, get every bit of these perfect environments. They live happy, healthy lives with their families and grow in our wild pasture fields, drinking from our natural spring-fed creek and rooting to their hearts content. This is how great pork starts, and it’s what allows HB Slakter to stand proudly behind our product and be honored to serve to our customers and their families.

Seeing is believing.

Views of Our Pig’s Pastures!