With pasture-raised pork it’s

Love at First Bite

We’re not sure what experiences you’ve had with pork before but we’re darn sure HB Slakter’s pork will be among the best. Of course, this all depends on how you prepare it and what seasoning and recipes you use but, pound for pound, our pork continues to impress professionals and amateurs alike for many reasons.

This is good pork!


HB Slakter’s pastured pork outpaces and over delivers on taste due to a number of factors such as the pastures and forage our pigs have access to, the heritage breeds we raise, the traditional approach to husbandry or the spring-fed creek they drink from. For these reasons and many more, you’ll be impressed with the incredible taste each cut of HB Slakter pork provides.


As every chef knows, there are certain cuts of pork where tenderness matters a whole lot; pork chops, roasts and ribs to name a few. HB Slakter’s pork isn’t grown lean like the pale, bland tasteless pork America’s grocery stores sell. However, our pork isn’t grown “fat” either. Providing a one-sided corn-centered feed to pigs without giving them any fields to roam will fatten them up with an unhealthy, ill-tasting and poor quality fat – not the good kind. HB Slakter’s heritage, pasture-raised pigs have the perfect blend of nutrition and good fat, ribboned and perfectly proportioned throughout the right cuts. Our pork offers a tenderness unlike anything you’ve ever had. Those who understand how important the right level of healthy fat in your pork is to its tenderness, taste and experience will love HB Slakter’s pork.


Some might tell you that pork is pork, meat is meat, but they’d be wrong. When it comes to the nutrients in pasture-raised pork vs industrial farm pork, there’s a world of difference. We could stop short and focus only on taste and tenderness, but we’d be leaving out one of the other major differences many appreciate about HB Slakter’s pork. A healthy environment, healthy water, healthy pastures, fruits, grubs, leaves, grasses, roots and more combined with a traditional, natural, non-modified heritage breed leads to a very healthy, happy pig. In turn, this leads to incredibly nutritious pork all the way through.
Our pigs’ natural forage, access to fresh spring water and free access to as mush pasture and sunshine as they can get promotes a very authentic diet which in turn produces pork that contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats and is flavorful and rich in beneficial, balanced fatty acids. In contrast, industrial farm raised pigs consume by-products and GMO corn and soybean meal with lots of omega-6 (unhealthy) fats. This and the lack of sun and room to roam leads to a very unhealthy pork product at the end.

Whether it’s a roast, smoked ribs, pork chops, bacon or ham – if you’re looking to start off on the best foot with the best possible pork available, then you’re in the right place. HB Slakter’s heritage, pasture-raised pork will give you every advantage you’re after. Happy cooking!

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